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Attention Staff: You guys TOTALLY ROCKED! Thanks for great cheers on our national conference call and for all of your hard work! Please email anne@aga-recruit.com if you'd like to add new infomation about how trick-or-treating went (see Henry's page as an example). And please consider emailing pictures in for our photos from the field page.

Elizabeth L., 9 years old, Atlanta, GA--UNICEF True World Hero

Grant C., 6th grade, Waukee, IA--TLC Trick or Treater and the guy with the starting line!

Henry, fifth grade, FL--UNICEF True World Hero

Wilbur, first grade, NY--UNICEF True World Hero

Anne Ginther, young'ish mom in IA, TLC Advisor, Founder of Halloween Helpers


Kids in central Iowa are still bringing in their money they collected trick-or-treating Sunday night. So far, just one little town called Waukee has already brought in roughly $3500.00 to their local Hy-Vee store. If all 221 HyVee stores in their 7 state territory brought in the same amount, we'd have over $700,000! So if we're bringing in $100,000 per state, we can rake in FIVE MILLION across 50 states for hurricane relief!!! Let's make THAT our goal!

Hey kids, did you "hire" yourself yet? If not, check out the job board. Once you've decided what you're going to do, please email anne@aga-recruit.com and send us a "bio" that answers the following questions:

First Name, last initial, City, State

What's your personal (or team) goal for how much you want to collect for T.L.C.
hurricane relief?

What's your halloween costume going to be?

What did you do before T.L.C. became your life?

Role Models

Favorite T.L.C. Anecdotes (tell us about life "in the field!")

Favorite Quote

Trivial Tidbits

For safety reasons, we will not publish any personal identifying information. Please always be sure to have an adult just double check and make sure that you're staying safe on the Internet.


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