TLC Making Waves

October 14, 2005
TLC's 10-year-old CEO met with Iowa Governor Vilsack.

Talia to Governor Vilsack: "Kids hang out with kids, right?"

Governor Vilsack: "Right."

Talia: "Well, I figure that Governors hang out with Governors, right?"

Governor Vilsack: "Right."

Talia: "Well, I know you're really busy, but I want to give you one more job. I want you to contact all the Governors across the United States of America, and let them know what kids in the Midwest are doing."

The Governor graciously obliged, saying he'd write every Governor in the USA a letter, urging them to get the word out about TLC's great Kids' Movement to make a big difference with hurricane disaster relief.

October 17, 2005

The City of Waukee issued a resolution Recognizing The Accomplishments of Talia Leman in her Efforts to Assist Those Left Homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Mertz read the resolution aloud and from the heart. There were tears and cheers... and a standing ovation! It appeared to be the first time that Talia noticed that she was getting noticed. :)

By a TLC artist from The Academy in Des Moines, IA.

A letter of support from the Governor of Washington, below.

Even Dr. Evil recognized TLC's oustanding efforts to raise...
ONE MILLION DOLLARS! After coming over the the good side, he said he's giving up Hot Pockets for a year to contribute to hurricane relief!


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