Team Photographer

Do you like to take pictures? Then this is the job for you.

On this job, we'll need to email you a permission slip from the parent of the person in the photograph... so just let us know, and we'll email you the slip. You have them sign it and put it in the mail to us (we'll give you an address with the permission slip).

We will publish only first names, last initial, TLC Team name (or school name), city and state. Be assured, the TLC executives and their advisors will keep a keen eye on what you're doing. If National Geographic Magazine calls saying they want to hire the brilliant photographer who shot that TLC photo... we'll be sure to contact you and your parents! :)

So if you're interested in this job, please email TLC Advisor Anne Ginther ( and she'll hook you up with the info you need to publish your photos on our site!


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