Photos from the Field

Right: RandomKids Grant, Talia, and Kayla on 12/01, not long after finding out that kids across America raised over $5 Million dollars for hurricane relief! More pictures from kids all around the country on the same call, coming soon.

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If you have any pictures you'd like to share of TLC / UNICEF trick-or-treaters, please email them to Please feel free to include any anecdotal information, like how much they raised, etc.

Above: Some kids in Waukee, IA getting ready to collect some major coin to help out people affected by the hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, and kids around the world!

Kids from Pineview School in Sarasota, FL collected A LOT of loose change by trick or treating! They raised $3,246.45! WAY TO GO!

At left: Henry from FL with hundreds of pounds of coins collected by his school for UNICEF! Way to go everyone!

This little mermaid on the left brought in quite a treasure! Thanks to Midwest Heritage Bank and Hy-Vee for letting the children come into the bank to see first-hand how much money they collected!

At Right, Talia in IA leads a conference call with kids around the USA just before trick or treating on Oct. 30, 2005. It was pretty cool to hear kids from NY, FL, ID, CA, WA, GA cheer us on in Iowa!

Here's Elizabeth in GA counting some major coin! She and her brother raised over $100 trick or treating for UNICEF!
At left, Max in CA on the same nationwide call as Talia, above. Max collected $75 on Halloween night!
Hey everybody, check out what Henry in FL accomplished!

Those wacky funsters above are none other than Anne, Talia, and Talia's mom Dana


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