Permissions to publish your artwork and/or pictures

Please print out this slip and have your parents sign it if you'd like to have any of your work published on this website or elsewhere to spread the word about TLC.

You may also email to request the slip in a MSWord doc format.

Child / Artist / Author name:


Address (not for publication or distribution, simply for us to be able to contact you):

Parent's name, email and/or phone number:

(This first part below is if you want to send us a photo of yourself in costume and/or doing a TLC project and/or media event)

You have my permission to allow photographers (video or still) to take pictures/video of my child either close up (portrait-like) or in a group of children. You may use this media for the purposes of getting the word out about the TLC kid-movement (i.e. magazines, television, newspaper, website, books, etc)

_______ Yes _______No If you check no, we will make special accommodations for your child.

  1. Artwork/Photo/Letter Release
    By signing this release, you acknowledge the following:
    T.L.C. Coordinators Dana Lehman and Anne Ginther may submit these materials in whole or in part to various publications at their discretion. If original artwork is submitted by the artist and is accepted for publication by any of the publishers working with T.L.C., the following is warranted:
  2. The artwork submitted is the artist’s own work;
  3. T.L.C. does not owe the artist any compensation or royalties now or in the future.
  4. To protect children's privacy, only the first name, last initial, city and state will be published along with the work.

The Work will be any picture or letter created by the artist for children affected by the hurricane disasters of 2005.

Artist's name (we will only use first name, last initial, school, state)

Parent’s Signature and date


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