An estimated 40-50 Million children trick-or-treat in the USA every year.

If 17 million kids ( 1 out of 3) collect 2 dollars each, we will have 30 million.

If 10 million (1 out of every five kids) collect only $2.00, we will have 20 million.

If 5 million (1 out of 10) collect only 2.00, we will have 10 million.

IF 50 MILLION kids collect just $1.00, we will have 50 million,
and $2.00 will bring 100 MILLION!!


The National American Red Cross estimates that there are roughly 900,000 children in shelters as a direct result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

(If 900,000 kids collected $1.00 for 900,000 kids, we'd already have $900,000!!)

  • 8.5 Million bags with the T.L.C. logo donated by Hy-Vee to 7 state region
  • 221 Hy-Vee stores that will collect donations on Halloween nigh
  • $2 billion needed to meet immediate disaster needs
  • $871,000,000 currently raised through the ARC (?)
  • $559,411.97 raised one nickel at a time by kids and schools across America--all reported in to TLC's National Kids' Movement in just under a month!
  • T.L.C.'s goal is to collect $1 million, minimum! We expect to go much higher.
  • This is the first time in history that the USA has asked UNICEF for help given the recent gulf coast devastation by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


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