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TLC Timeline

August 29: Hurricane Katrina hits central Gulf Coast

August 31: Anne Ginther posts "Halloween Helpers" blog to rally
youth of America to trick-or-treat for hurricane relief

September 4: 10 year old Talia Leman independently writes up
"The Plan" for hurricane survivors--faxes to HyVee.

HyVee backs her with 8.5 million trick or treat bags
across 221 stores in 7 states.

September 9: First local television news story airs on WOI-TV 10:00 pm news.

September 17: Leman on front page of Des Moines Register.
TV stations across Iowa pick-up story.

September 18: Ginther introduces herself to Lemans. They join
forces, later to discover they live just one street
away from each other.

September 19: The 10 year old and two moms divide up the 50 states and begin an email campaign to schools across the USA to raise one million, per Talia's plan. Schools respond enthusiastically. Some Superintendents opt to collect loose change in lieu of trick-or-treating, others ask if they can roll their current hurricane relief efforts into this national tally. TLC broadens into a "rally and report" kids' movement for hurricane relief.

Soon after the regional Red Cross gets inundated with phone
calls from around the nation. TLC is referred to the national
Red Cross Headquarters.

September 20: Newspapers across the country start to pick-up
Des Moines Register article from the ap wire. Calls for interviews
come into the Leman home from around the nation.

September 30: Team TLC Builds their Headquarters office in Leman house.
WHO-TV airs story that is later picked up by MSNBC. Click on the link
and type "trick or treat" in Video Search.

October 3: $182,000 raised within 2 weeks of our email campaign. Team TLC
realize they will far surpass the original goal of one

October 4: Students at The Academy in Des Moines, and
Eason Elementary in Waukee, write letters and color
pictures for kids in the Gulf Coast shelters.

Wal-Mart donates $1600 worth of gift cards. TLC
kids shop for kids in shelters.

October 5: TLC Advisors Anne Ginther (IA) and Gretchen
Hansen (MN) leave to work with children in two
shelters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana through
October 10th.

They hand deliver the letters along with items
purchased by TLC kids.

Children in shelters write back.

October 6: MSNBC starts running WHO-TV's story round the

October 7, 8: TLC Advisors hold "TLC Job Fair" for children in
shelter to take a TLC job (jobs posted on
TLC website) and help with the effort.

TLC total climbs to $239, 641.27

October 8: TODAY SHOW comes to Waukee. Mom, Dana Leman,
flanked by 6 year old "Chief Operating Nemesis" and
10 year old CEO, talks with Lester Holt.

October 12: Ginther hand delivers letters from children in shelters
to children at The Academy.

October 14: Iowa Governor Vilsack holds press conference.
Promises Talia he'll ask all the governors across USA
to get word out about TLC. Talia gives the governor a
handwritten thank you note. Stationary courtesy of 6
year old TLC Artist Jonathan in a Baton Rouge

October 17: Resolution passed by City of Waukee to recognize
Talia for her accomplishments in her efforts to assist
those left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. Talia
receives standing ovation.

October 17: TLC tally totals over $500,000

October 20: UNICEF announces Talia as their "NATIONAL YOUTH AMBASSADOR" for her outstanding work.

October 21: TLC on Front Page of Des Moines Register

October 21: Governor sends out letter to all governors across the
USA, and their press secretaries, in support of TLC.

October 22: TLC children in Waukee participate in costume
parade as part of "Wauktoberfest"

Talia co-hosts with Lt. Governor Sally Pederson at a
Benefit Event for Iowa’s Gulf States Relief Fund, and
sings at the event, too.

October 25: HyVee hosts a kick-off Halloween Party for TLC

October 28: Talia is interviewed live on CNN American Morning--broadcast nationwide.

October 30: Beggars night. Talia goes out to raise money. Night
culminates in BIG BASH at Westlakes Hy-Vee. See TLC trick or Treating on TV: then scroll down to "TLC Hurricane Relief" to click on and play the video!

October 31: Halloween! Numbers start coming in from last night's trick-or-treating.
TLC is on the front page of the Des Moines Register with their latest news.

November 1: Talia and TLC are featured on NPR (move the time up to about 43 minutes into the segment) across the nation.

The TLC total now hovers just under $700,000. Team TLC decides not to report any more numbers until December 1.

November 5: Mac McCoy of WQW FM invitesTalia to continue to do goodworks for the community by offering her a regular radio spot on his program to benefit the Animal Rescue League. He calls the radio spot "TLC"—Talia Leman's Critters.

November 9: Trying to figure out a way to respond to the evolution of TLC, and carry the tally forward past Halloween, Anne brainstorms the RANDOMKID.ORG concept. This website would allow kids to not only continue to "rally, tally, and tell" for hurricane relief, but to also reach out to the world in other ways. Team TLC decides unanimously to dissolve TLC into RANDOMKID.ORG on December 1st.

November 10: Anne registers the RANDOMKID domain.

November 11: Anne trademarks the RANDOMKID name.

November 18: Talia decides, now as a RANDOMKID who wants to continue to reach out, to design a product to benefit children in need everywhere. The product is an Italian modular link PEACE BRACELET, featuring charms of flags from areas of conflict and suffering (Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, China, Bangladesh, Iran, etc.) She intermixes with the charms international symbols for peace, harmony and balance. She works with the vendor to arrange to have him sell the bracelet at a discounted rate for children (half-price), with 50% of all profits going to benefit vulnerable children in these countries through UNICEF.

November 19: UNICEF arranges for Talia to go to Houston to visit with hurricane survivors. Talia begins an on-line diary for UNICEF of her experiences.

December 1: Final TLC Press Conference. 4000 schools have now reported in numbers. On a conference call with schools across the nation, TLC CEO Talia Leman willl conduct a meeting at which, for the first time ever, a number will be released for how much kids across the country have raised for huricane relief. Only our volunteer mom accountant knows the number.

Hy-Vee gives a check for $250,000 in recognition of the efforts of TLC.

When we announced the number, we did it backwards, starting with cents, because every penny counts. After we found out we had over $200,000, we wanted to know if there was a "one" in the "million dollar slot"-- our accounant said no. So the kids across the country yelled on the call, "Tracey, Is there a TWO?" No. "Tracey, is there at THREE?" No.

At this point Talia panics and whispers to her mom, "Mom, what if there's NO number in that slot? What if we didn't MAKE a million?"

The kids continued, "Is there a FOUR?" No. At this point our jaws drop. Talia, Anne and Dana didn't want to know the number. They wanted to be as surprised as everyone else. We were floored when we heard that kids across the USA raised $5,234,735.88 in just three months for hurricane relief! We're hoping to have an MP3 file available of that countdown on the RandomKid site soon.

December 2: The Press Telegram in Long Beach, CA publishes a story about Gompers Elementary Students participating in this historic event. GREAT picture included!

The Idaho Statesman publishes a story about Koelsch Elementary students on the call. Another great photo!!

Please be sure to email if you see more stories in your community!

Talia Leman, Anne Ginther and Dana Leman's plans for a long nap were gladly sidelined by numerous calls of well-wishes.

Talia is interviewed on ABC News Now that evening.

December 3: Dana's up at 3:45 am and Talia not long after. The Today Show is coming to their house by around 4:00 am for a 6:45 am Live shot. Dana, Talia, and Zander do a great job with Anne cheering them on in the background.


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