Henry M, 5th grade, Osprey, Florida--UNICEF True World Hero

Henry is a 5th grade student at the Pine View School for the Gifted in Osprey, Florida. As a long time supporter of UNICEF, with a mom who has been Trick or Treating for UNICEF since she was a child, Henry decided to initiate a school-wide Trick or Treat for UNICEF program at his school. He and his mom contacted Shannon Donovan, a teacher at Pine View School, to get permission and support to initiate what they hope will be a new tradition at Pine View. Henry has written a letter to his fellow students and put posters up around his school. He’s coordinating box distribution, collection, and his family is sponsoring a pizza party for the class with the "heaviest" Trick or Treat for UNICEF collection box. Kudos to Henry for his spirit, generosity, and organizational skills!

Henry is looking very PEACEFUL in holding his Trick or Treat for UNICEF box before hitting the neighborhoods!

An update on how Henry did with his trick-or-treating: Henry was included in the conference calls this weekend with TLC. He passed out 1000 UNICEF boxes at his school last week. We spent 3 hours processing Henry and Pine View’s trick-or-treat for UNICEF collection, and the final tally comes in at $3,246.45! It has been a wonderful experience for all, and Henry is ready to spearhead the project again next year! Way to go Henry and all the kids at Pineview School in Sarasota! You guys ROCK!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Way to go Henry!

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Mr Miller said...

From Henry's Dad,

I am very, very proud of the effort and the impact this activity has had on all involved!

Awesome Job Henry!

- Love, Dad

6:12 PM  

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