Elizabeth L., 9 years old, Atlanta, GA--UNICEF True World Hero

Elizabeth and her brother personally collected $109.33! Outstanding!

And here's a breakdown of what her school, Trinity School in Atlanta collected:

6.025 pennies
1,512 nickels
2,158 dimes
2,467 quarters
13 dollars

PLUS $936 in cash

The total amount: $1,923.40!!! OUTSTANDING! It's amazing what a bunch of loose change can do, isn't it? Even more amazing are the kids who go out there and get it to help out someone in need! Thanks guys!

First Name, Last Initial, City, State: Elizabeth L., Atlanta, GA

What's your personal (or team) goal for how much you want to collect for T.L.C. hurricane relief? $100 from personal Trick-or-Treating, helped organize Trinity School TOT program with a goal to raise $3,000.00

What's your Halloween costume going to be? Dorothy, and my dog Lucy will be the cowardly lion

What did you do before T.L.C. became your life? Student at Trinity School, Pet Lover, Artist.

Role Models: Hillary Duff, Skye Sweetnam

Favorite T.L.C. Anecdotes (tell us about life "in the field!"): I've learned that many people in the world are not as fortunate as we are.

Favorite Quote: Helping People is Contagious

Trivial Tidbits: I have a 6 year old brother named Griffin and I love to sing


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