Talia Leman, age 10, Founder and CEO of T.L.C.

Why you're involved in T.L.C.

"I'm involved in TLC because they need our help. They are human beings and we are human beings, and in that way we are connected."

What did you do before T.L.C. became your life?

"I used to have a lot of after school activities, but I am not doing them now so I can take care of TLC. I go to a small school and I'm in 5th grade. My favorite subject is literature. My activities normally are piano, fencing, tap, ballet, horseback riding, soccer and classical voice lessons. I LOVE to sing, do projects, and read."

Role Models

Rosa Parks
Jane Goodall

Favorite T.L.C. Anecdotes

"A 13 year old girl from Idaho named Destiny called me from Idaho to ask how she could help. She didn't have an email or a computer, so we couldn't show her any stuff on our website, but she goes to school and is on a volleyball team, so she is going to help get her school and friends to help. Trick or treating is the best way to help, anyway!"

"A girl, maybe a grown-up, from the deep south emailed me, "You go girl! I'm proud of you!" which made me happy, because we will be able to maybe help her."

"A girl named "Talia" who is my age and lives in Israel sent me an email that she wants to help and send money. Now I need a new map—one of the whole world!"

Favorite Quote

"You don't have to be a grown-up, or have money to help. All you have to do is want to help."

Trivial Tidbits

" I'm a vegetarian. I like to swim, surf and ski. I have two pet gerbils, Bella and Ralphie, a cinnamon pied white-face cockatiel named 'Pomia' that wears a diaper and lives on my shoulder, and a part time dog. I like to wear my hair in looped braids like my German Omi did when she was my age. I like American girl dolls. I like musicals. I like Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Simon and Garkunkle. I'm reading the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' right now, but I usually have more than one book going."

Update on how Talia did trick-or-treating: She ran it like a race—she probably went to 60-70 houses in about an hour. The camera people and the security officer assigned to her could hardly keep up. The photographers were running with their tripods and finally implored her to let them get just one house ahead of her, just one time, so they could get a good shot.
She collected exactly $302.58!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey talia!
u r sooooooooo cool!
luv, m from camp

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

talia you have such an amazing heart. u r the greatest!!!!!

8:57 PM  
Anonymous talia said...

hi my name is talia and i'am 10 we just watched a really sad video about katrina in science and me and a few of my friend s wanna raise money to rebuild homes it is really great that you helped i have a friend named carson and she also raised money for katrina surviors. rock on.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Cheryl McCaskey said...

Way to go, Talia! I heard you appeal for votes this morning on WHO radio. I am a high school guidance counselor. I have been a BIG supporter of UNICEF since I was your age. I will forward on your story and organization to all of my contacts. Keep up the good work. I will share it with my 9th grade advisory group tomorrow.
Cheryl McCaskey, Knoxville High School counselor, Knoxville, Iowa

9:24 AM  

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