Anne Ginther, young'ish mom, TLC Advisor, Founder of Halloween Helpers

Pictured above: TLC Advisor / Moms Anne Ginther (third from left) Gretchen Hansen (2nd from right) with some HILARIOUS Red Cross Volunteers in Baton Rouge.
Why you're involved in T.L.C.

In the wake of such devastation, I had to do something. I launched the "Halloween Helpers" website on August 31st inspired by a successful trick or treating charity campaign I ran a couple of years ago. I began to put out the word. A couple of weeks later, I saw a newspaper article about Talia's idea. I called her up. We joined forces. And MAN!!! What a force! I am honored to be a part of this wonderful campaign. Talia's a great boss.

What did you do before T.L.C. became your life?

I am a high-tech recruiter. I have run my own recruiting firm for eight years now and I love it. Although, I must admit, what I'm doing with TLC is thrilling. If any non-profits need a high-energy mom to help change the world through kids, let me know. You may have a taker! :)

I have done quite a bit of volunteer work with kids over the years: Junior Achievement, Church Youth Group leader, the works. I love helping kids find the value in themselves. It is wonderful to be able to empower them to change the world!

Role Models
Oprah Winfrey

There are many more. But these two come to mind because they seem to love what they do, and they give so much back to the world.

Favorite T.L.C. Anecdotes

When we were first realizing just how much TLC was catching on, we had a goal meeting session. We brainstormed. We discussed the telethon idea in her plan. We threw out talk-show ideas. I tell her to shoot for the moon. If she can have anyone she wants to help with a TLC event, who would she pick? I've got a whole list running through my mind… Gwen Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, U2, OutKast, Kanye West, Green Day, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, fellow Iowan Ashton Kutcher, and then of course there's Ellen, Oprah, Regis, Tony Danza, Letterman, Leno And so many more!

Talia's answer? Jane Goodall and Rosa Parks.


She is the coolest kid. She is so smart and self confident. Most of the time I forget she's only ten-years-old. I swear that if you were blindfolded in a room with us, you'd think my child-like enthusiasm was from the 10-year-old CEO, and her poised comments were from an adult.

Favorite Quote

"You must be the change in the world that you wish to see." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Trivial Tidbits

I'm writing a book. And with those four little words, I've just "outted" myself. I was writing under a pen-name for reasons explained on my book's site, but just recently revealed my full identity to my biological family. So now they know. Now you know.

I'm looking forward to celebrating with Gwen Stefani and the Black Eyed Peas in MN on 11/14 when this is all over. OK, I'll just be a random person in the crowd, but I can't wait! :)

I'm also a wife and a mom to a wonderful family--they've always been supportive when I go off on these wild projects!


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